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Don’t spend thousands or wait months to finish your new website. Lodging Engine streamlines professional web design for Hotels, Vacation Rentals, Inns and B&B’s

Did you know: A recent study revealed the Internet is the #1 place people turn to when searching for information about “where to stay”. So investing in a quality website for your hotel or vacation rental business — one that actually converts those visitors into customers — is a no-brainer.

The problem: Getting a high-end website built by a professional web designer will cost thousands of dollars, plus hosting and other costs. Not to mention the hassle of waiting months before it’s ready to launch.

Our Solution: Lodging Engine streamlines the professional web design process with an all-inclusive package, tailored specifically to the needs of hotels, vacation rentals, Inns & B&B’s

It’s everything your hotel or vacation rental business needs to attract more customers from the web. And the best part? It can all be setup and ready to launch in a matter of days.

How is This Possible? The answer is we’ve done all the preparation ahead of time. Our professional web designers and programmers (who normally charge thousands for their work), have crafted the perfect hotel and vacation rental website solution.

It’s everything your hotel or vacation rental website needs: Beautiful and Responsive Website Design to attract customers, WordPress to empower you to make your own website updates without any programming knowledge needed, Social & SEO Tools to help you build traffic to your website and much more.


The easiest way to get your website done right. Our professional designers will get your new site launched in a matter of days!

Real-time search availability form

Travelers find an accommodation for needed dates and a number of people in a matter of clicks. The accommodation availability calendar will show a minimum length of stay based on the search parameters. You can also add your custom text to the “Children” parameter to make it more clear for your guests.

iCal support to sync bookings across OTAs automatically

Automatic synchronization of bookings submitted through your WordPress property rental website with those from online travel agents like Airbnb or Booking.com. Avoid overbooking!

Unlimited number of accommodations

Add and display unlimited number of rentals. For hotels with lots of rooms of the same type, you can generate accommodations automatically. You can add and display a property rental description, an image gallery, unlimited in-room amenities, rates, extra services and more for all individual accommodations.

Seasonal pricing

Set any prices depending on a season or specific days / dates. “Season” is a general term and you can label it anyhow to reflect your pricing changes.


Set different rates based on the accommodation benefits (e.g. breakfast included / no breakfast). Your guests will choose the most suitable one while placing a booking.

Variable pricing

Make the prices change dynamically depending on the search parameters of your guests. You can optionally customize accommodation rates by setting price variables based on a number of guests.

Weekly and Monthly Rates

You can set any property rate depending on a season (any term). To create different price points based on the length of stay, you can add weekly, monthly or other customizable rates. The system will automatically discount the accommodations according to your rate rules.

Booking multiple accommodations

One guest can reserve multiple accommodations for many people during one booking process. You may optionally turn on the plugin to recommend the best set of accommodations based on a number of guests.

The search algorithm is very smart, so your guests will get the most suitable results in seconds. However, the guest can skip the recommendation and make their own choice.

Flexible booking rules

Set min / max days to stay and available check-in and check-out dates for the entire hotel establishment, accommodations individually or seasons. You may also disable booking option for all accommodations or any one individually for a certain period of time.

Packages and services

Offer bookable extra services or packages (free or paid) along with the accommodation reservation. Charge per room or per person.

Online and offline payments

The booking system accepts payments through PayPal, 2Checkout, Stripe and Beanstream/Bambora (these are built-in payment gateways you can use for free). Charge the full fee or deposit to confirm the booking, allow guests to pay after arrival.

Taxes and fees

Complete and correct pricing information on all accommodation charges: add mandatory fees, accommodation taxes, service taxes and fee taxes. The guests will be able to see the summary of charges before making a booking. All this info on each booking is stored in the admin dashboard as well.

Bookings calendar

All received bookings and booking requests in their current statuses are stored at one place, easily sorted and displayed in a calendar view.

Discount coupons

You’ll be able to set a discount amount, an expiration date, select accommodation types, set check-in and check-out dates, minimum and maximum days to stay and apply other settings to customize your coupons.

Powered by WordPress

It’s powered by WordPress, the web’s leading Content Management System (CMS).

WordPress has become the platform of choice for millions of website owners, because it makes it incredibly easy to make updates to your own website, without having to touch any code or know any programming. Whether you’ve used WordPress before, or you’re completely new, you’ll find it easy to get started with managing your own website.

As professional web designers, we’ve been recommending and implementing WordPress websites for our clients for years. So when we set out to create an all-in-one website solution for Hotels, Vacation Rentals and B&Bs, choosing to power it with WordPress was a no-brainer.

Mobile Optimized

Mobile Websites don’t need to be complicated. You don’t need to have your own app or install special software to make your website mobile-friendly.

Lodging Engine uses a Mobile-first design when developing a website. A mobile first approach doesn’t just concentrate on developing for mobile phones or tablets, it is also used to develop better usability of sites, develop better use of Web real estate and better reduce the amount unnecessary elements from pages


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