Need More Direct Guest Bookings?

We help hotels drive more direct guest bookings through “blended” search marketing campaigns.

Is Your Hotel In A Constant Struggle To Generate Direct Bookings?

When it comes to boosting direct bookings for your hotel, nothing beats the effectiveness of search engine marketing.

However, chances are you’re already aware of this. You might have even experimented with SEO or PPC in the past, only to find the results weren’t as impressive as promised

Eric Zwanenburg

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Many hotels face challenges because their strategy revolves around just one or two aspects of search. To achieve significant results, it’s crucial to have a presence across EVERY ASPECT of Search. We implement a “Blended” strategy that targets both paid and organic opportunities, allowing us to optimize not only for increase in traffic, but to drive direct bookings.


Our Process Focuses On 4 Core Tactics

Many hotels struggle to see results because agencies often concentrate on only a few sections of the search engine result pages. In contrast, we seize every single opportunity to ensure your hotel attracts direct bookings.

Pay-Per-Click Ads

PPC ads are the quickest method to fill your hotel rooms. Within 14 days, your phone will be ringing with new bookings.

Content Production

Attacking organic Google results by creating content using profitable keywords from PPC

Local Ads

Localized searches ("hotel near me") demand a different approach, beginning with "Local Service Ads.

Local SEO

Securing the top ranking in Google "Maps Pack" organically for profitable PPC keywords.


Happy Hotel Customers

Ready For More Direct Bookings?

Schedule a Discovery Call

A 30-minute deep dive into your hotel’s past marketing endeavors, your competitors, and marketing objectives.

Receive a Growth Roadmap

A detailed plan outlining everything you need to do to begin attracting more direct bookings from search engines, including investment amount and the timeline for achieving results.

Start Attracting More Direct Bookings

If you agree to our roadmap, we’ll begin constructing your campaigns. Typically, our clients start receiving bookings within 30 days.

Work With Us


Campaigns Starting At

$1,500 USD/ Mo


Here’s How We’ll Get You More Direct Bookings

Many agencies struggle to produce results because they only concentrate on a few aspects of the search engine result pages. In contrast, we seize every opportunity to ensure your hotel generates an increase in direct bookings.

Ready For More Direct Bookings?

Get Traffic Fast Via Paid Ads

Initially, we establish a select number of paid search campaigns. These campaigns aim to pinpoint the keywords driving direct bookings at the most cost-effective rates.

By tracking leads to specific keywords, we gain precise insights into which strategies to amplify
for growth.

Start Building High-Value Content

Utilizing the successful keywords, we develop fresh content on your website to initiate the organic ranking process.

Reduce Reliance On Paid Ads

We persist in the pursuit of new keywords, amplifying efforts towards organic growth.

Our objective is to construct a mechanism that identifies the most valuable keywords.

Optimize For Local Search

The ultimate phase involves enhancing visibility for hyper-local searches (such as “near me”).

This entails optimizing GBP profiles, garnering reviews, and securing local citations.

Our Clients Get More Direct Bookings From Search

We’re not here to charge you for unnecessary tasks, our goal is to assist you in securing an increase in direct bookings, and that’s precisely what we deliver for our clients. However, don’t just take our word for it, let the results do the talking.

“After partnering with Lodging Engine, we observed a rise in direct bookings through our website, which continued to escalate month after month.”

Campaigns Starting At

+ 300%

Increase In Direct Bookings Within The First Month

Why Work With Us

As a busy hotelier, we understand your priorities – direct bookings. Not just rankings, not mere traffic, not inquiries…DIRECT bookings. Our entire approach is dedicated to optimizing your campaigns to bring in new guests, without wasting your time.

A Commitment To Quality

The key to success lies in being unparalleled, and that’s why we dedicate substantial resources to flawlessly executing our tasks.

Full-service assistance

We understand your schedule demands, so we take care of all the details for you. We ensure you stay informed and involved, while gladly managing the bulk of the workload.

Consistently Accessible

We are continuously available for our clients. Our consultants conduct regular status calls to assess progress and evaluate outcomes.


Experts Acknowledged by Peers

We are seasoned experts with extensive experience, not only in the search marketing field but also within the hotel industry, and a proven track record of success. This combination of expertise enables us to deliver exceptional results tailored to the needs and goals of your hotel.


Many hotel marketing agencies fall short of expectations.

While they prioritize “traffic,” our sole focus is on generating direct bookings.

Many agencies are ill-equipped to cater to hotels. Their strategies are disconnected and fail to grasp the intricacies of your industry.

Having worked with hotels for over a decade, I understand your priorities.

Not just rankings, not merely traffic, not flashy presentations, and certainly not just inquiries. What matters most are direct bookings.

Our entire approach is crafted with this objective in mind, which is why we’re exceptionally adept at what we do.

From our operational methods to our contract structures, our aim is not to burden you with trivial tasks; we’re here to assist you in securing significant direct bookings.

Eric Zwanenburg

Founder & Managing Director