Frequently Asked Questions

With so many tools to serve your property-management needs, you may be left with just as many questions. Here are some answers to get you started. TRY IT FOR FREE

About Lodging Engine

Why should I use Lodging Engine?2020-08-25T22:40:12+00:00

1.) With Lodging Engine,you just add your property once. Lodging Engine will list your property with all the online vacation-rental websites, such as Airbnb,, HomeAway, Expedia, Tripadvisor, and many more.

2.) Via a single dashboard, we automate all routine operations for you. You usually have to communicate and perform all steps separately on each vacation-rental website. That takes a lot of time and creates room for errors. With Lodging Engine, you can manage your day-to-day activities, reservations, calendars, pricing, payments, guest communication, property info, pictures, and more all on one platform and see it updated seamlessly everywhere. That saves you an enormous amount of time and hassle. We guarantee you that!

What is a channel manager?2020-08-25T22:40:35+00:00

A channel manager lists your property automatically on a network of vacation rental booking websites and centralises the operations for your vacation rental business in one dashboard. Lodging Engine syncs and manages your reservations, availability calendars, rates, photos, payments, and communications all from one panel. Using a channel manager means booking your property even more efficiently with less manual work.

What features are included?2020-08-25T22:40:58+00:00

We offer you a complete package with all functionalities included at a straightforward and fair price. Every efficient property owner will need these features to optimise the return on his or her investment: Lodging Engine’s dashboard, channel manager, Google Search and Google Maps integrator, calendars, centralised guest communication tool, payment services, website builder, and Lodging Engine maintenance.


How is Lodging Engine different from regular vacation rental booking sites?2020-08-25T22:41:25+00:00

We are not a booking site. We automate the whole process for you and distribute your vacation rental property to a network of booking sites in the most efficient manner. We also make sure you receive all bookings made via these booking sites.

Besides that, we deliver you an optimised booking website so people can actually find your property via search engines. That way, you can receive bookings directly without any interference from booking sites if you wish to do so. This saves you significant amounts on commissions.

Does Lodging Engine prevent double bookings when my property is listed on multiple sites?2020-08-25T22:41:50+00:00

Yes! Our service is set up in such a way that your property is listed across different channels in the most efficient way possible, and our multi-calendar prevents double bookings.

Do I need to Download any software?2020-08-25T22:42:20+00:00

No, you do not need to download any software. Our software lives in the cloud. You can login by clicking the login button at the top of our website. Because it is cloud-based you can take it anywhere.

Fees and Prices

Do you offer a free trial?2020-08-25T22:42:41+00:00

You have full access to Lodging Engine’s software for a 15-day trial. No credit card is required.

Do you offer discounts?2020-08-25T22:43:07+00:00

Yes, we do. You get a 20% discount if you choose an annual contract.

Do you charge a setup fee?2020-08-25T22:43:28+00:00

No, there is no setup fee

How can I optimize my revenue with Lodging Engine?

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