Get listed on booking sites such as Airbnb,, VRBO, Tripadvisor, Google Search, Google Maps, and many others.

Reach over 200 Million Monthly Visitors

List and sync your property through our affiliated channel manager.

Hotel and vacation rental revenue management can be complicated. Make it easier with LodgingEngine affiliated channel manager, and manage all your day-to-day activities, reservations, calendars, pricing, guest communication, pictures, etc. via one dashboard. Automate all routine operations you usually perform on each significant hotel or vacation rental website (called channels) via one dashboard. Accept reservations on one platform, and see it updated seamlessly everywhere in one click.

Easily Upload Your Property

Every day, more than 2,350,000 nights are booked through our partner network. LodgingEngine helps to list your property easily through one centralized location and automatically sync your calendar, update pricing and availability at all the vacation rental websites.

Reach More Guests

LodgingEngine through our affiliated channel manager connects to and lists your property on leading booking websites, as well as OTA, travel metasearch, and wholesaler sites. This way, you can reach more than 200 million travellers worldwide each month. More booking websites means more guests, but it doesn’t have to mean more work


We create, monitor, and maintain your property listing and use the best practices to ensure that your property ranks well and stays at the top of all search results. We know that promoting your property in as many places as possible is key to maximising your visibility, occupancy, and property income.

Save Time

Why work harder than needed? Let us do the heavy lifting to market your vacation rental and get more bookings. We won’t just give you a list of booking websites and then tell you to connect your property yourself. LodgingEngine through its affiliate partner does all that for you. We save you tens to hundreds of hours of setup time per channel – we’ll do all the work. The vacation rental industry is changing daily. We give you a new way to stay ahead of the competition.

No Commission On Reservations

No commission on reservations. LodgingEngine charges a flat monthly fee, and you can cancel anytime. We launch your lodging business for a fraction of the cost of the competition. Our easy and straightforward approach to vacation-rental management allows us to charge less than traditional property-management systems. You can advertise your property to millions of travellers with no strings attached.

Get listed by using…

A Next-Generation Channel Manager

LodgingEngine through its affiliated channel manager solution connects to and distributes your property on 200+ top global and niche vacation-rental websites, hotel-reservation systems, meta searches, and wholesaler booking platforms (called channels). Get your property in front of +200 million traveller’s worldwide each month while streamlining your operations!

Manage your property easily through…

a Simple Back Office

LodgingEngine uses an easy-to-use channel manager solution for hotels and vacation rentals. Having the right software is paramount to success. Start using a system that’s efficient, easy-to-use, powerful, and affordable. All this without sacrificing depth and functionality. It’s true. The industry is filling up with tools that take forever to learn and complicate the simplest tasks.

Increase efficiency by…

Preventing Double Bookings

When you work with LodgingEngine´s affiliate channel manager solution, you say goodbye to double bookings. We keep your calendars automatically updated and synchronised across all your channels. You can manage all your reservations from different channels with one unified calendar. You can easily add bookings manually to your calendar, and Lodging Engine will block these dates on each channel for you. It’s as easy as that!

Get more satisfied customers by…

Improved Guest Communication

Centralise all of your guest messages from multiple listing sites – all in one inbox! Instant guest communication will impress your guests. Pre- and post-visit emails allow you to engage with your customer with relevant and timely information. An enjoyable booking journey improves the customer experience and increases repeat business. Guests need to feel like your first priority from the moment they begin their search for a trip.

Minimize paying…


Since you are renting out your vacation rental property through third-party booking sites such as Airbnb,, HomeAway, Expedia, Tripadvisor, and others, you will have to take into consideration that these sites do charge a commission. The percentage of the commissions can range from 3% to 25%. LodgingEngine doesn’t charge a commission; we simply receive an affiliate fee from our affiliated channel manager which will charge a monthly recurring fee for the use of the software and services. You can stop anytime you want—you have no legal obligations.

Be on top of your competitors using…

Smart Dynamic Pricing

You set your vacation rental’s basic price in advance. We offer “Smart Dynamic Pricing,” which allows the price to fluctuate to the extent you decide. Dynamic price movements respond to factors such as the season, local events, weather, and so forth.

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