Partnering with the right channel manager is vital because your property’s success depends on many factors: pricing, photography, marketing, and guest experiences. When you connect to more than 200 major booking channels, your return is as good as guaranteed. Critical for your return on investment is your own website, direct guest communication and messaging, the ability to accept payments and avoid double bookings, and much more.

Here at Lodging Engine we’ll handle all these details to help you earn the financial return your vacation rental deserves and since we are property owners ourselves, we understand that renting your property could be your primary source of income. Therefore, we work closely with you to find the best opportunities and ways in which we can help you to maximise the income from your vacation rental.


What Are Some of the Factors That Determine My Rental Revenue?


This is probably the most crucial factor for many guests. Some prefer to be close to the city centre, while others prefer to be as far away from the city as possible. The one factor that all guests have in common is the desire to stay in a friendly, safe area with the necessary facilities nearby. Another item to keep in mind is access to the beach. Beach access can significantly impact the price of your rental. If your property is close to the beach—or even offers an ocean view—you can substantially increase the rate and, thus, the return on your investment.

The Size of Your Property

The price of your vacation rental home is greatly affected by the number of square meters and the number of bedrooms or beds your property has to offer. If your property has many sleeping facilities, you will have the opportunity to rent to multiple families at the same time, as they will all have their designated area. These types of properties are very sought-after during the Christmas holidays or for events such as weddings.

Amenities Your Property Has to Offer

Each potential guest who comes across your listing has his or her own set of criteria. If you can go that extra mile to make everyone feel welcome, your place will become more than just a list of amenities. Extras such as free Wi-Fi, air-conditioning, private parking, and 24-hour check-in or a swimming pool, whirlpool, sauna, and washing machine are all factors that weigh in on the final rental price.

The Quality of Your Vacation Rental

Both the age and general condition of your vacation rental property are essential factors that will contribute to determining the price you can ask for it. Generally, rental guests prefer and are willing to pay for modern, renovated vacation homes. However, there is also an increase in demand for older, more rustic vacation properties as long as they are well maintained.

How Can I Maximise Revenue from My Vacation Rental Property?

Smart Dynamic Pricing

Here at Lodging Engine, we make use of what is known as ‘Smart Dynamic Pricing’. Dynamic pricing calculates pricing using a combination of historical data, internet searches, market and competitor data, seasonal demand, analytics, and artificial intelligence (AI) to automatically set the price of your vacation rental property. In this way, Lodging Engine advises you on the best price possible while maximising your rental revenue.


Other Opportunities for Driving More Revenue

Earn More via Our Partners

Distributing and promoting your vacation rental property listing on as many vacation rental channels as possible is key to maximising your revenue.

Therefore, our ‘Channel Manager’ service will distribute your property listing to over 100 significant vacation rental booking sites, including Airbnb,, HomeAway, Tripadvisor, and Expedia. This optimal distribution will maximise the exposure of your property throughout the year as efficiently as possible.

Receive Direct Bookings without Paying Commissions

As part of our service, we will acquire a branded website for you. This branded website will allow you to receive direct bookings from, for example, returning or referred customers without paying a commission.

Having your own website also will allow it to be listed on Google Search and Google Maps. These listings will ensure that your property receives the attention it deserves.